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Sequoia Entertainment is an integrated film and television company with a core focus on original storytelling and potential artist development, and a comprehensive entertainment business that integrates production, film, and new media project development, financing, and sales. With years of marketing experience in serving film clients, Sequoia creates highly entertaining content with global competitiveness and collaborates with top international teams in Greater China and North America to create impactful projects with international creators.
  • International production management
  • Data story development
  • Branded entertainment marketing

"Women in Taipei"

A high-quality urban drama highlighting women's empowerment, produced through a Taiwan-Japan collaboration and one of the Mandarin original series launched by Disney+.

Director: Li Yun-chien
Lead actress: Kwai Lun-mei
Major cast members: Ivy Shao, Summer Meng, Lin Si-yu, Wang Po-chieh, Feng Xiaoyue, Stone, Lin Bo-hong, Chang Hsiao-chuan, Fan Shao-hsun, Yang Chin-hua, etc.
Release date: September 21, 2022
Streaming platform: Disney+ (globally exclusive)

"The Nipple Talk"

Paying homage to "Sex and the City" and exploring diverse gender and love perspectives, challenging the Mandarin drama's largest LGBTQ+ scale. The series is exclusively launched on Netflix.

Director: Lai Yu-tung
Major cast members: Chuang Kai-hsun, Lin Si-yu, Lu Hsia, Chang Shu-hao, Liu Pin-yan, etc.
Release date: 2023
Streaming platform: Netflix (exclusively launched)