Brand communication experts who drive buzz with data
In an era of media diversification and segmentation, CONNEX revolves around new media thinking and marketing, as well as data analysis of online public opinion. It conducts a digital communication checkup for the brand, integrates consumer journey thinking, accurately defines influencers, and constructs digital PR issue strategies, cross-media content marketing ecosystems, and brand reputation management mechanisms. By doing so, it enhances brand visibility, mindshare, trust, and likability, and continuously accumulates brand influence and sustainable value.
  • Experienced brand consultant
  • Rich crisis management experience
  • Innovative digital PR thinking
  • Accurate opinion leader marketing


2018 Campaign ASIA
Greater China The Boutique Agency Of The Year
2020 Effie Award Greater China
Event Marketing Award / CSR Marketing
2019 / 2020 Digital Singularity Awards
Social Marketing Content Award / Influences Marketing Award
2020 Times Awards
CSR of Digital Marketing Award
Agency & Advertiser of the Year
2018-2019 The Best Boutique Agency / 2019 CSR Marketing Award
2021 Asia Pacific PR Award
CSR Marketing Award / Content Marketing PR Award
2022 Asia Pacific PR Award
Catering and Food PR Award/ Gold Award
Agency & Advertiser of the Year
Annual Outstanding Public Relations Strategy Bronze Award